Thursday, November 07, 2013

New real estate portal launched to improve market transparency

Launch of new real estate portal eMart will help in offering updated information to landlords and tenants. The markets set fair prices most efficiently when they are transparent with both buyers and sellers having clear idea of what the supply and demand are for goods and services.

The transparent markets help in reducing opportunities for speculation by those who wish to make unreasonable profits. The new portal is the result of continued efforts by the Dubai Land Department to use the latest technology to ensure that the public has access to more information about real estate market.
The department has launched eMart, an online real estate portal, for auction, sale and rent of properties, which will make up-to-date market information available to landlords and tenants, apart from buyers and sellers.

The new website will be integrated into Real Estate Regulatory Agency’s Ejari system so that rental deals will be more easily available to owners and companies. The new integrated portal will strengthen Dubai’s smart government initiative meant to make access to services for residents easier and faster, and increase the ease of doing business in the emirate. 

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