Monday, March 25, 2013

Women constitute 23 percent of real estate investors in Dubai

Women investors have spent Dh.13.3bn on real estate market in Dubai in 2012, constituting 23 percent of the real estate market in Dubai.

The data from Dubai Land Department (DLD) reveals that 5434 women invested in property. This was a slight increase, in comparison to 4704 female investors who invested Dh.10.5bn into the real estate market the previous year.

According to finance advisers and real estate analysts, there has been an increase in demand by women investors for properties, lately.

Majority of homebuyers today are single women, and the numbers are growing. This indicates that property investments are no-longer an exclusive male province, said Sandi Saksena, Sales Manager, Nexus Insurance brokers.

Although women investors constitute only a small percent of the total percentage of investors till date, the trend is fast changing, and these days, women, married or unmarried, is taking deep interest in purchase of property more than before.

Majority of women investors are those who made their money from business. Property is a solid investment, which women prefer over stocks and shares, as they feel they can relate to property more easily, said Helen Tatham, Director of Residential at Knight Frank.

According to analysts, greater access to market information, and the desire to be financially independent and banking services directed towards women are all contributing to women’s interest in the real estate market.
The GCC is seeing two kinds of female investors. One is an Emirati lady who has been and will continue to invest in real estate in their home country. The other is an expatriate woman, married or single, with independent income and would prefer to live in her own home than rent.


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Good to know such a knowledgeable information that women are also investing and doing business in Dubai....

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