Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dh 1.5bn Auto Park facility, one of a kind in the world

The Dubai-based developer, Giga Investments, has announced launch of a joint venture project, Sharjah Auto Park project, with leading Saudi developer, Al Hanoo.

The Sharjah Auto Park project, worth total of Dh.1.5bn, is one of a kind project in the world, designed to facilitate state-of-the-art automobile business hub, which suits all automobile industrial requirements of the UAE, as it is one of the most vibrant markets for the automobile sector in the GCC.

The Chairman of Giga Investments, Amir Pardesi, who has made track-record in real estate development in both Pakistan and the UAE, mentioned that both Pakistan and the UAE offer unparalleled business opportunities to all areas related to automobile industry.

The automobile sector in Sharjah is one of the fastest growing segments designed and developed to meet the growing needs of the auto industry.

Located along the Al Abir by-pass, Sharjah Auto Park, will meet the much-needed demand for single point hub for all activities pertaining to automobile industry. The Park will be a single-stop solution for customers, making it an ideal opportunity for new and existing businessmen to cover various segments of automobile sector.

The facility will also feature a world-class complex for spare parts of various types of machinery, cars, yachts, generators, boats, cranes, construction and earth works machinery.

The project will also be of great support to Sharjah green drive as it will absorb most of the industrial and commercial congestion from Sharjah business district, by resolving traffic congestions, industrial pollution and other civil issues, thereby improving the lifestyle of Sharjah residents.

The complex will also offer a dedicated research and development facility, wherein automobile engineering students can perform R&D activities. Further, the Auto Park will be self-sufficient in all aspects, as there would be water, electricity, government office, communication, restaurants, auction house, communication, supermarkets, restaurants, residential and commercial accommodations, infrastructure par international standards, widened road networks, easy payment plan options up to three years, escrow account to safeguard customer investment, gated community with excellent surveillance and security. Further, the facility is in close proximity to the port and airport.

The GCC industries have nearly 8million vehicles, including 2.8mn in the UAE, a central port of automobile supply in the region. The project will help entrepreneurs across all segments of auto industry sectors, both locally and internationally.

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