Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Floating Islands likely to turn into reality in 'The World'

Investors of The World project, who have a water mass on their islands, now have an alternative option of obtaining a self-sustainable floating island.

The concept has been introduced by the Dutch Company, which is responsible for construction of Nakheel's Floating Proverb, which spreads across 89 floating islands surround Palm Jebel Ali. The project spreads across a surface area of 220,000 square meters and spells out an Arabic poem when read from the air.

According to Paul van de Camp, Chief Executive Officer, Dutch Dockland, talks are being held with some private investors about launching a floating island on The World.

Several investors, who purchased an island on The World, got water mass. Heavy investments would be required to make these islands ready for construction. Therefore, if they were offered a self-supportable floating island, which could be built by combining an already existing landmass, they could be made more feasible.

With all the necessary equipments within the island, it becomes totally self-sustainable, and the owners do not have to look for an outside help on getting any infrastructure readied.

Dutch Docklands has the reputation for producing zero footprint floating projects, and numerous other concepts, including building a floating Olympic Village and a stadium.

Plans are also underway to introduce this concept to the Qatari government, hoping to turn it into reality. As Qatar will be hosting the World Cup and is bidding for the Olympics, they will require the necessary infrastructure and stadiums. Docklands is of the opinion that Qatar can consider building a floating stadium or even a whole village.

Last year, the Dutch Dockland entered into a joint venture with government of Maldives to develop several floating amenities, including a 18-hole golf course, private villas and a hotel.

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pimalai said...

Creating their own floating islands sounds like a good idea. I wonder if these places will be sustainable enough in the long run because there are still lots of factors to consider.