Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Americans, Russians lists topmost among majority land buyers

Americans and Russians were among the top buyers of land and apartments, according to latest data revealed by Dubai Land Department.

During the first half of this year, nearly $10bn worth of land and apartment deals have been registered, the report said.

UAE nationals topped the list of land buyers, investing almost Dh.5.599bn, while Indians were topmost apartment buyers, having spent nearly Dh.3.280bn.

Americans have purchased 66 land plots worth Dh.335mn, and 456 apartments worth Dh.615mn, while

Russians have invested Dh.279mn towards purchase of 41 plots and 791 apartments for Dh.1.291bn.

Britons are said to have purchased 239 plots for Dh.1.090bn, Pakistanis purchased 132 plots for Dh.44mn and Iranians having purchased 107 plots for Dh.521mn.

Following UAE nationals, were Indians, the top apartment buyers, having invested Dh.3.280bn for purchase of apartments. Britons were second in purchase of apartments with 1,818 units being purchased for Dh.2.396bn, followed by Pakistanis investing Dh.1.261bn for apartments, and Iranians spending Dh.2.2522bn for apartments.

The total land and apartment purchases during the first half of the year touched Dh.14.619bn and Dh.21.057bn respectively, making a total of Dh.35.68bn.

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