Friday, September 02, 2011

Salam project to be ready by year-end

 The Dh.5bn Salam project in Abu Dhabi, which involves one of the longest traffic tunnels in the region will be officially unveiled by the end of this year, the Abu Dhabi Municipality revealed.

 Parts of the giant road development project, which was launched more than three years ago, will be opened to traffic following Eid Al Fitr holidays, the operators announced. Parts of the project, which connects Salam street near the Tourist Club area to Hamdan Street in the town centre and Defence road one kilometre away, have been completed. The Municipality statement said that the road works, when opened to traffic following Eid, will help immensely in easing congestion.

About 90percent of the project is ready now, and the rest will be opened on schedule by end of this year. The salam street tunnel, which was due for completion last year, was delayed due to technical and topographical reasons. The project is being carried out by Samsung Construction of South Korea. The mainland will be linked to nearby Reem Island. The causeway to the island is already complete.

 More than 2000 workers are already working on this project. The three kilometre tunnel, which begins at the eastern end of Abu Dhabi city, under Alsalam street, runs towards Port Zayed on the western end of the capital. About 2kms of the tunnel will be embedded 15mts underground, while the rest will open near the surface level.

 According to officials, the tunnel forms part of a long-term blueprint by Abu Dhabi to expand its inhabited areas and road networks to cope with growing population which is likely to triple in next 20 years.

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