Saturday, August 27, 2011

New law prohibits over-crowding of residential units in Abu Dhabi

According to a new law issued by Executive Council in Abu Dhabi, overcrowding of any residential property in the emirate is banned, including labour accommodations.

Several residents in the capital prefer to share accommodations owing to high rentals within the emirate. This new law could make things more difficult for them.

Certain residential units are unsuitable for multiple occupation and therefore cause several problems, including parking and noise levels. They also pose serious health hazards and safety issues due to overload of electrical systems or undue pressure on drainage.

The new law states that any unit which is occupied in excess of its original capacity, and any breach of the health and safety guidelines, can attract fines and potential evacuation of the unit.

The Labour Ministry has established minimum occupancy level for labour accommodations. The International Building Codes which were implemented in Abu Dhabi effective 1st January, also has set certain construction standards, to ensure health and safety of its occupants.

However, more clarity on the new law is awaited, as it does not specifically mention what constitutes a breach. It only gives a general specification about number of occupants of a residential unit depending on area proportion and general morals and ethics as applicable in the state.

More executive regulations are awaited, as it could offer some clarity. A six-month grace period until 15th September has also been given for residents to alter their conditions accordingly. Meanwhile, landlords will have to ensure that their lease deeds require tenants to abide by the occupancy standards.

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