Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shurooq completes 60% of work at Al Majaz Waterfront Development

The Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), has announced completion of 60percent of construction work along the Al Majaz Waterfront Development Project, which form the central park of Sharjah on completion.

According to the Shurooq CEO, Marwan Jassim Al Sarkal, the Al Majaz Waterfront Development project work is progressing non-stop to ensure handover of the first phase of the project towards last quarter of 2011. Some amendments have been made to the project, including addition of certain amenities, with infrastructure works now getting complete.

According to Al Sarkal, about 4700 square meters of the project are available for lease to set up restaurants and cafes along the banks of Khalid Lagoon, opposite Musical Fountain, to be built in the center of the Park. Construction works on the buildings began in January.

Al Sarkal explained that as of now, the project is on schedule for completion of linking of the Al Majaz Waterfront and Khalid Lagoon and the semi-circular road and parking lots.

The next stage is the installation of giant musical water fountain at Khalid Lagoon, opposite Al Majaz Waterfront, and construction of several new buildings to house amenities including cafes, restaurants and recreational areas are to be established. There are special safe areas for children, to be developed as part of landscaping.

As for the final phase, Al Majaz Waterfront would include numerous amenities to make the development an integrated family park, which would be a top destination for visitors, tourists and residents. It will include open areas specifically meant for children, areas set aside for cultural and entertainment activities, modern architectural designed magnificent Mosque, special areas for jogging, cycling and walking, a sculpture garden, an arts area for children, a dancing fountain, public amenities, parking for 1000 vehicles and sidewalks.

Al-Majaz Waterfront, worth Dh.100mn is the result of Shurooq's efforts to encourage tourism and investment in Sharjah. The project, spreading across an area of 21,460 square meters, is located on the Khalid Lagoon, one of the most popular central locations in Sharjah.

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