Saturday, March 05, 2011

Work on Dynamic Tower likely to progress

The developers of Dubai's 80-storey self-rotating Dynamic Tower have expressed keenness to put the project back on track.

The Communication Manager at the Dynamic Architecture Group, Simona Casati, revealed that the Dynamic Tower in Dubai, which was on hold till date, owing to current situation, is likely to be back on track. Although the company has not yet secured funding for the project, the construction of the project will begin any time soon.

The design of the Dynamic Tower involves 80 pre-fabricated apartments that can spin independently, and take one to three hours to make a complete rotation. The 420mts tall building offers apartments that could spin a full 360 degrees on voice command, around a central column, with the help of power-generating wind turbines.

The first 20 storeys will be allocated for retail space, the next 15 for a hotel, and rest 35 storeys for residential apartments and the top 10 floors will have luxury villa-style apartments.

Dynamic Tower project is also in pipeline in few other countries too, including world's leading capitals, it is said.

According to New York architect, David Fisher, Dynamic Tower is the first building that rotates, moves, and changes shape. The building never looks the same even once in a lifetime, he adds.


Anonymous said...

does anyone know how far through the construction they are?

Anonymous said...

Anyone knows about the design details of this building as I will be doing a research about dynamic tower.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a pipe dream. The "architect" never designed anything. He is a fraud. He single handed perpetrated one of the largest corporate frauds in Israels history..