Thursday, November 04, 2010

Indians top list of expat investors in Dubai real estate market

Indians form majority of expatriate real estate investors in Dubai, with a total of Dh.9.3bn worth properties being purchased by Indians. Indians have contributed 19 percent to the total investment during the first eight months of 2010, reports

The total real estate investment during the period is worth Dh.48.9bn. Britons come second in the list with Dh.5.6bn worth purchases, followed by Iranians with Dh.4.4bn purchases and Canadians with Dh.1.35bn worth purchases.

The overall list is, however, topped by Emiratis with investments worth Dh.10.2bn.

Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) and the Dubai Land Department are the exclusive partner and primary data source for the information service provided by

The Assistant Director-General of Land Department, Mohammed Sultan Thani, last month, mentioned that about 30,615 sale transactions have been registered with the department till end of August. The total number of sale transactions registered in 2009 was about 43,000, while there were only 31,613 transactions recorded in 2008.

The department has been registering 30 to 35 transactions daily, with maximum being recorded in affordable communities, including Discovery Gardens and International City.

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