Monday, May 24, 2010

Dubai mandates online registration of residential properties

Dubai will soon mandate online registration of residential properties, as Dubai Municipality (DM) plans to compile details of all housing amenities, in order to take stringent action against those who evade paying housing fee.

Those accumulating their housing fee will lose their electricity connection if they fail to pay the entire amount due. The supply will be disconnected by DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority).

The Municipality, together with DEWA, collects the fee on behalf of the former. The Municipality has launched a campaign to ensure that every housing unit in Dubai, irrespective of its rented or owned status, pays the fee.

According to the Municipality officials, the multi-phase campaign will see DEWA issuing notices to its subscribers for payment of housing fee, covering all areas in Dubai within six months.
Meanwhile, Municipality will make it mandatory for expatriate tenants and owners, including freehold property owners to register the details of their housing units with its online databank.
The Director General of Dubai Municipality, Hussain Nasser Lootah, said "If you are staying in Dubai, you have to pay your housing fee. Earlier there were no proper tools to collect it, but now, we have developed tools and will ensure that people pay it without fail."

According to Head of Marketing and Housing Fees Unit in the Finance Department of Dubai Municipality, Abdulla Hashim Abdul Ghafoor, said that online housing fee registration service on the Dubai Municipality portal was recently launched with the main purpose of compiling the data based on which, housing fee details would be added to DEWA bills.

He clarified that customers will be able to pay housing fee online to DEWA, while their details will be registered with the Dubai Municipality.

He also revealed that all housing units, including those in Dubai's gated communities and freehold properties, will be sent notices to register their details. In case they fail to register within a month, the housing fee will be charged based on the estimates of RERA for their sites, Abdul Ghafoor said.

At present, the residents pay five percent of their rent as the housing fee through their monthly DEWA bill. Abdul Ghafoor agreed that Municipality did not intend to make any change either in the amount or in the payment method for the time being.

However, the houses of UAE nationals which are being used by the civic body for providing various municipal services, will be exempted from housing fee, Ghafoor said.


dubai-flat said...

I think,it is the correct step taken by Dubai govt.

Warren said...

Not sure if this is a good sign or bad for foreigner who are thinking of invest in Dubai Property.