Thursday, April 01, 2010

Dubai records entry of 10,000 new residents every month

More than 10,000 residents are reported to be entering Dubai every month, as the emirate's population crosses 1.8million mark in the first quarter of 2010, revealed a data by the Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) yesterday.

The population in the emirate has grown to 1,801,000, an increase from 1,676,000 recorded during end of first quarter 2009. This indicates a 7.5percent rise during the past one year.

The population has further gone up by more than 30,300 residents, or 1.7percent, during the first quarter of this year, from the 1.77mn last recorded towards end of 2009.

The latest data is a total contrast from the statements earlier made by external agencies that Dubai's population would shrink, with the slowdown in the emirate's real estate and construction sectors.

Few analysts are now of the opinion that increasing affordability and availability of residential supplies within the emirate, is the reason behind the growth in Dubai's population. Active population in Dubai during the day averaged at 2,638,778, towards end of 2009.

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Dubai Blog said...

The increase in population of Dubai in first quarter of this year is indicating the uplift in real estate activities. Property market needs more population to balance the difference in demand and supply that is the core issue of real estate sector. As a whole this is due to the proper monetary polices by Dubai government.