Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cityscape Dubai re-named as Cityscape Global

The Cityscape Management has announced on Monday that the Cityscape Dubai event has been re-named as Cityscape Global, and the year 2010 will be the ninth consecutive year when the Cityscape event will be held in Dubai.

The change in name is aimed to acknowledge the place of the event as a significant international platform in the real estate sector. Another reason for change in name is because the event attracts majority of international participants than any other cityscape event in the world.

Cityscape Dubai has not only grown immensely over the past few years, but has evolved into one of the most major real estate platforms in the world, said Rohan Marwaha, Managing Director, Cityscape.

The Cityscape Global due to be held at the Dubai World Trade Center in October, is hoped to attract several international developers, professionals and architects.

Last year the event recorded 25 percent of registered participants from outside the UAE, which translates into almost 10,000 participants flying in from 115 different countries. An equal 50-50 distribution of participants is required over the next two years, said Marwaha.

Marwaha also confirmed participants of Dubai major developers such as Nakheel and Emaar. The Cityscape Global will witness six conferences run simultaneously, while the delegates will be able to access any of the sessions across any of the conferences for a single price. The Cityscape Global will also gain a facelift with newly introduced business initiatives such as Cityscape Connect, City Leaders Forum and CEO Breakfasts.

However, Marwaha confirmed that Cityscape Abu Dhabi will remain unaffected and retain the same name, as that event focuses on development projects for Abu Dhabi alone.

Cityscape Global is a platform which showcases real estate opportunities globally and offers access to investors from across the world.

Cityscape is the largest business-to-business real estate investment and development brand in the world, comprising series of major exhibitions and conferences that take place in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Asia, Latin America, USA, India and Russia.

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