Saturday, October 24, 2009

JLT is not officially a free zone, says Dubai Municipality

The Dubai Municipality's latest statement regarding the free-zone status of Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) has marred the hopes of several thousands of residents who were under the hope of gaining housing fee exemptions.

According to an official at the Municipality, the status of JLT needs to be clarified by a decree, and that free zone claims by a developer does not imply exemption of housing fee for its residents.

The Head of Housing Fee Section at the Dubai Municipality, Abdullah Hashim, confirmed that JLT is not officially a free zone.

The residents of towers in the 'mini-Manhattan' around the man-made lakes by Nakheel have been questioning about housing fee exemption to the developer.

"Although several areas have been claimed to be free zones, they are not free zones. Media reports had stated that the free zone areas are exempt from housing fee, and JLT has been wrongly named as a free zone. But, we never said that, and this has created lot of confusion. None of the buildings there are considered to be part of a free zone," Hashim said.

He added that municipality is however, waiting for a list which could clearly stipulate the areas designated as free zones. The concerned authorities are likely to come up with such a list shortly.


Anonymous said...

What about JBR? is it a freehold, free housing fees area?
If yes, why Dubai Municipality is charging housing fee? what services are Dubai Municipality providing?
JBR owners are paying for everything, security, gardening, street lights, cleaning,....
The Beach in JBR is a parking and racing place for 4X4's during WE's.
Restaurents in JBR do not comply with Dubai Healh and safety laws.
Shisha Coffee's are open under residential areas. Coacraches are all over the place in Garage and Plaza due to Restaurents garbage unattended. In conclusion Dubai Municipality consider the place off limit for services but inlimits for housing taxes??????

Anonymous said...

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