Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dubai most attractive for Foreign Direct Investments

The UAE has been an important center of attraction for world investment in various sectors, pointed out Hani Alhamli, Secretary-General of Dubai Economic Council.

He emphasized that latest figures in the country, recorded in various fields are great achievements during these times of global economic crisis.

This statement came to light during the newly launched World Investment Report 2009 by the UNCTAD. The report states that UAE has maintained its attractiveness in Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), compared to several other advanced and emerging markets.

UAE's experience over the last years in economic development reveals the strategic vision of the wise leadership of UAE in enhancing the growth path through global and regional integration.

Attracting FDI is one of the main policies adopted by the government, due to its advantages for local economy such as increasing investments and hence the growth rate, increase in employment rate, and transferring the technology and know-how to the country, Alhamli said.

He also mentioned that Dubai has made a significant contribution in attracting FDIs to the UAE, due to its distinguished place in the regional and global business map.

The World Investment Report 2009 showed that the volume of FDI inflow into the UAE were $13.7bn in 2008, compared to $14.19bn in 2007. On the other hand, the report indicated that the cumulative value of these investments at the end of 2008 stood at $69.42bn, around 25 percent of UAE's GDP.

Alhamli said that the report shows distinct development pertaining to FDI inflow. The number of projects executed by foreign investors in the UAE last year was 480 in number, marking an impressive growth rate of 70 percent, compared to that in 2007. During the first half of this year, there are a total of 136 projects. This reflects the strong foundation of the national economy and its highly competitive advantage, in comparison to several other countries.


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