Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Dubai is first in Gulf to launch Lock Box System to ease realty sales

Dubai is now the first city in the Gulf region to launch the world-famous Lock Box System, aimed to introduce advancement to the real estate brokerage business in the UAE.

The system, one of the most popular products in the US and in the rest of the world, was introduced by Centurion Lock Box Systems in Dubai last week.

The product, GE Supra Real Estate Lock Box System, enables real estate agents to access several properties and streamline the process of showing properties for clients without hassle.

The system solves several challenges that real estate agents face when showing properties. Agents would no longer lose sales, as they can access any property easily and conveniently, said Usman Ghani, Managing Director, Centurion Lock Box Systems.

It also enables agents to show more properties as they won't have to hunt for keys or wait for someone to grant them access, Ghani said.

Centurion, the authorized GE Dealer for this system in the country, will offer training to brokers as the product is being introduced for the first time.

Despite the slowdown in real estate sector owing to global economic crisis, Ghani expressed confidence that his company will achieve the preliminary target set for the sale of the newly introduced system in the country.

Few leading brokers in Dubai have already placed orders for 1000 systems and the firm is confident about selling about 5000 systems per year.

On achieving good sales in UAE, the company plans to introduce the system to other Gulf States too.

The GE Supra lock box system has been of much use by several real estate brokers and agents in the US and in the rest of the world for several years now.

The ease and rugged reliability that the system offers, has made it the most used lock box system in the world. Currently there are about three million Supra Lock Boxes in use. With about 50,000 new property units likely to arrive in the market within next two years, this system is hoped to facilitate the brokers in dispose of these units quickly, agrees Ali H. Zaidi, CEO, Centurion Real Estate Brokers.

The salient features of the product are email notifications, Display Key, Supra iBox, USB cradle/charger connected to the Internet.

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Anonymous said...

You have failed to explain what the system actually is. Are you talking about an internet solution for viewing properties online?