Thursday, July 30, 2009

Damac's Lago Vista development on-track for completion

Damac Properties has announced that structural works of all three towers of its Lago Vista development at the International Media and Production Zone (IMPZ) have been completed.

Lago Vista is the second project to be completed by Damac at IMPZ, following the completion of The Crescent, a three tower development, early this year.

The Lago Vista development features two 25 storey towers and a 28 storey tower, with studios, single and double bedroom apartments. Due for completion during spring of next year, with work-on-site progressing at a rapid pace, explained Peter Riddoch, CEO of Damac.

He added that the structural work at the development is now complete with the domed roof work under progress in two of the three towers.

According to Riddoch, the advanced level of progress of Lago Vista is a proof to all commitment and spirit of teams on-site.

"It is indeed pleasing to note that Lago Vista is entering its final stages of construction, and will be the main focus for the contractors, when seeking completion of the building during early part of next year", Riddoch said.

Lago Vista has a good Mediterranean-themed fa├žade, accompanied by distinctive domed roof. The building features GRC cladding with apartments offering good views across the surround landscape and man-made lake.

The General Manager-Operations at Damac, Ziad El Chaar, mentioned that Lago Vista is well-positioned to take advantage of most of the facilities at the forthcoming Dubailand complex and the nearby Sports City.

The IMPZ is an initiative by the Dubai Government aimed to create a unique cluster environment for media production companies from across the globe to interact and collaborate effectively. IMPZ will grow to be a great community with the easy access of the Emirates Road lying in proximity to offer good connectivity to other parts of Jebel Ali and Dubai. IMPZ is a part of Dubai's vision to develop itself into a global media hub.

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