Friday, May 22, 2009

Sweet Homes property prices un-affected, despite recession

A leading real estate developer, Sweet Homes, is maintaining the prices of its property units, despite the current recession in the global economy.

At present the company's apartments in Ajman Uptown, are being sold at Dh.600 per square feet, and the company is taking all necessary measures to ensure timely delivery of its projects and to leverage the expected recovery of the market and the UAE economy as a whole.

The CEO of Sweet Homes, Fahad Sattar Dero, said that maintaining the current prices of properties is a strategy which is considered appropriate amidst the current market developments, which indicates a recovery from the current crisis.

The recession in the market has made investors more demanding than before, and this motivates the company to intensify our efforts so as to ensure that our clients gain considerable returns on their investments.

This is evident as the company had recently entered into agreement with Dubai Islamic Bank for the escrow accounts of both of the projects. It is making good progress on the Sweet Home Rainbow Towers project, which is due for completion by 2010.

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