Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rising sea levels puts waterfront projects at high risk

According to a United Nations Report, the rapid rise in sea levels is likely to put waterfront developments at risk.

The Assistant Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) at Geneva has stated that rising sea levels and water shortage are a cause of concern for the Middle East region.

Speaking on the occasion of Humanitarian Aid and Development Conference, the official stated that low-lying areas, threatened by the sea delta may head for a disaster due to rising sea levels, caused by change in climatic conditions. Expert engineering skills may help in keeping the infrastructure intact, as shifting the infrastructure would be a costly affair.

The first report on disaster risk reality in the MENA region by UNISDR is expected to be launched shortly. The report would focus on the impact of urbanization on climate, the environmental hazards and the eco-system in the region, particularly the Middle East, as it is highly prone to storms, droughts and water shortages.

Setting up a legal framework may help in leading a sustainable future. The Gulf region has plenty of wealth, resources and political determination, and hence the region can play a major role in sustaining its own natural resources, the report said.

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