Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dubai, Abu Dhabi top cities in the Middle East

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the top two cities in the Middle East, reveals the latest global survey report by Mercer, the leading investment services provider.

Followed by the rankings of last year, Dubai has moved up six places in the annual survey from 83 percent last year to 77 percent this year. This increase has been attributed to the improved transport amenities, development of road infrastructure and expansion of international airport and telecommunication amenities and other consumer facilities, the survey reveals.

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi holds the 84th position this year, compared to 87th place in 2008. This is due to increase in international schools, recreational amenities and development of the airport and increased accessibility to new networks by Etihad Airways, the national airline.

The Mercer rankings are rated based on a point scoring index involving 215 cities across the globe, with New York as the base city. The rankings are considered helpful to governments and major companies.

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