Saturday, March 14, 2009

Al Barari residential development to release 500 units into the market

The officials at Al Barari residential development in Dubai revealed that the second phase of their project would release 500 apartments, ranging in size from 2000 square feet to 10,000 square feet, and will be worth $1.3mn to $5mn, depending on the size.

Al Barari Luxury Villas Dubai
The apartments are targeted at people who wish to live in Al Barari, but, find the villas beyond their reach. The second phase of the project would include a spa, a hotel, and a cultural village, said David Stafford, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Al Barari.

About 5000 workers are working on-site at Al Barari currently, as the project enters into the final stretch of phase one, with 95 villas more to be handed over in September.

The first phase of the project comprises 290 villas and 170 units, that have already been sold to clients, who include buyers from the UK, Asia, the US and Australia.

Zaal Mohammad Zaal, the Chairman of Al Barari, said that the landscaping for the project is being planned considering the geographical location of Dubai, and comparing it to other countries that share the same geographical location, and same climate zone. About Dh.1.4bn has been dedicated to plants and greenery in the project, and emphasis is being laid on the greenery of the project.

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