Monday, February 09, 2009

Indian nationals top list of villa-owners in Dubai

Majority of the villas in Dubai are occupied by Indian nationals, while Britons form majority of apartment owners in Dubai. This is as per the statistics revealed by the Dubai Land Department (DLD).

Out of the total 13,774 apartments registered with the Land Department between the period 1963 to 2008, Britons own 2755 units, which constitute 20% of the units. This is followed by Indians and Pakistanis sharing the second position with 14% ownership. The third in line are the Iranians with 11% ownership.

Indians are the top-most in the list of villa buyers, with 21% ownership, which constitute 932 villas out of 4436 villas registered by DLD. This is followed by Britons with 17% ownership, and 12% ownership by Pakistanis.

UAE nationals hold ownership of only 4% of apartments and 6% villas in the emirate, reveal statistics.

However, when considering the total number of landowners in Dubai, 73% are UAE nationals, while Indians and Britons own only 3% and 2% of the land in the emirate.

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WebJunky said...

way to go india. who says india doesn't have money? dubai is mostly concentrated by indians, so the rule of proportion does justify this trend...