Thursday, February 12, 2009

Al Mazaya maintains timely delivery of Icon Towers at Lake Jumeirah

Icon tower 2 in Jumeirah
One of the leading property companies in the region, Al Mazaya Holding, has maintained its schedule of delivering 800 residential units at the Icon 1 and Icon 2 projects at Lake Jumeirah.

Al Mazaya has put in lot of effort, to ensure timely delivery of these properties to the owners in early 2009. It has assured that the other projects by the company will also be delivered within two years, thereby contributing its bit to the target of Dubai market to receive 70,000 residential units during 2009-10.

The Icon 1 and Icon 2 are the first projects to be completely sold out at Lake Jumeirah, although 120 other residential towers are also underway. Both Icon 1 and Icon2 residential towers comprise a total of 400 units that overlook the Jumeirah Lake on one side, and Jumeirah Islands on the other.

Fathi Dhamiri, SVP Projects at Mazaya Dubai, mentioned that despite the challenges faced during the development of the tower, all obstacles have been overcome, and the project has been scheduled in time.

Dhamiri mentioned that the timely delivery of these residential units implies the company's commitment towards its clients, and added that, Al Mazaya is currently developing three commercial towers, called Business Avenue for the business class in the area. Currently Business Avenue is 50 percent complete, and the units will be handed over towards end of 2010.
Dhamiri also did mention that the project is strongly supported by the Dubai Government, and that it is the first to be developed on Lake Jumeirah.

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