Monday, November 10, 2008

Registration deadline extended for off-plan properties in Dubai

The last date for registration of off-plan properties, under the pre-registration system, by the Dubai developers has been extended till the year-end. Earlier the first week of November was declared as the deadline for registration of off-plan properties.

According to a senior government official, the projects launched prior to introduction of pre-registration system, being sold as off-plan now, will have to register by the year-end. Stringent measures would be taken against those failing to do so, the official warned.

The Assistant Director-General of Dubai Land Department, Mohammed Sultan Thani, said that following the issuance of Law No.13 of 2008, developers are required to register all their units before launch with the Land Department, and only then proceed with their sales.

The Law No.13 regulates initial property registration in Dubai, and aims to create further safeguard consumer interest in the Dubai property market through introduction of mandatory system of pre-registration at the Land Department for off-plan sale contracts of property units.

As per the new regulation, any off-plan sales without registration will remain invalid. Off-plan sale implies the sale of real estate units on the basis of architectural plan of the property prior to building the structure. The registration has to be done by the developer and not the first purchaser.

During the secondary sale, the seller will have to keep the department informed and register the deed by paying necessary charges. In case of home mortgages, banks will have to register the deals and not the mortgagee, Thani said.

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