Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dubai Tower named as one of the Best 50 inventions of the Year

Dynamic tower in Dubai
The worlds first rotating skyscraper, 'The Dynamic Tower', has been named as one among the "Best 50 inventions of the Year" by the TIME Magazine, due to its revolutionary design and innovation.

Created by David Fisher, the renowned Italian architect, the tower was one of the first choices in a list of ground-breaking inventions. Every floor of the tower rotates independently so as to form a building that constantly changes its shape and appearance, resulting in a unique and evolving architectural landmark.

The environment-friendly tower is the first building to be completely self-powered with wind turbines, positioned horizontally between each floor. The photovoltaic cells on the roof of each rotating floor, produces solar energy.

The Dynamic Tower in Dubai will also be the first high-rise to be built completely from prefabricated parts that are custom-built in a workshop and then installed on site.

This method comes with several benefits, including environmentally clean on-site construction, reduced time and cost of construction, less onsite accidents. Residents of the tower can park their cars at the entrance of the apartments with voice activated systems.

The residents can get a glimpse of the world rotating around them when looking through the glass wall of the buildings. These buildings will also be the first wherein construction begins at the top, with each floor mechanically installed from top to bottom.

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