Friday, October 31, 2008

Region's first LEED Platinum certified Eco Towers unveiled at Abu Dhabi

An Abu Dhabi-based property development company, Connection Real Estate, has launched a Dh.1bn mixed-use sustainable project in the capital, the 'Eco Towers', which comprise luxury apartments and commercial property. The property, which claims to meet the environmental challenges, also offers essential residential property in Abu Dhabi.

Located within the prestigious community of Dhanet Abu Dhabi, the Eco Towers are the first mixed-use towers in the Middle East with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental design) Platinum Certification.
Eco Towers in Abu Dhabi

LEED is an internationally recognized green building rating system that establishes environmentally sustainable construction criteria. It brings about a common standard of building designs that minimize risks on the environment and increases awareness among consumers about the benefits of green construction. Platinum is the highest level.

The plots cover an area of 787,000 square feet and are located along the Airport Road. The commercial tower is aimed to offer about 36,485 square meters of office space, while the residential tower will offer 36,685 square meters for healthy living.

The 23 storey twin towers will be cost-effective, safe for environment, and healthy to live and work in, with air purification systems, toxic-free materials, renewable energy, dual glaze windows, water efficiency, waste reduction and other eco-friendly features incorporated. The other noteworthy aspects about the tower are the Smart Home Technology enabled, linked underground car park and proximity to the Holiday Inn at Dhanet Abu Dhabi.

Abed Al Zeera, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Connection Real Estate, revealed that the leveling work on the two plots where the project is likely to come up, will begin within a month.
The towers will be ready by 2011.

"We are currently holding discussions with banks for financing of the project. The project will receive 70 percent finance from regional banks from the Gulf States," Al Zeera said.

The starting prices proposed for the towers are yet to be announced. The project aims to meet the residential and commercial property scarcity in Abu Dhabi, as there is a huge demand for this sector from the end-users, Al Zeera explained.

A senior executive, associated with the project, when speaking about Eco Towers, mentioned that the towers advocate the rapidly emerging consensus that green buildings are more healthy and less expensive to operate, and is more appealing to end-users and the public, and on the whole, more profitable.

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