Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ajman forbids issuance of freehold visas

The Ajman Naturalization and Residency Department has stopped issuance and renewal of investors' visas for freehold property owners in Ajman.

Investors and property buyers will not be able to even obtain a visit visa for their spouses or children, but, most developers are still continuing to sell properties promising a residence visa.
According to sources, no visit visa or residence visa will be issued to people who purchase properties.

For obtaining a residence visa, one should own a business or a job in Ajman. Any unemployed will not be issued visa, even if they own a freehold property, revealed officials.

Ajman is the second emirate to have taken this stand, after Dubai. About 20,000 or more foreigners have already moved into their freehold homes in Dubai, and a few more have been handed over to buyers in Ajman. Ajman has been witnessing major construction activities in the recent months.

This initiative is aimed at regulating the visa rules. Till date, many used to either purchase an apartment to obtain a residence visa and then sell the apartment to somebody else, who already had a visa.


Anonymous said...

What about the cfreehold property contracts, where is clearly mentioned about residence visa for owner and the family?
Hope there will be some better option from Ajman governoment.
Coz people were hoping for residence visas.
best regs

Anonymous said...

Visited recent "Property Shows " in Ajman & @ Grand Hayat -- You can see only the Exhibitors - Only EKKA DUKKA Sellers ( No Investors/Buyers/End Users at all)

Really BAD attitude of NRDs towards the Investors in FREE HOLD PROPERTIES -- Okay - Don't give OR Stop issueing NEW Visas for INVESTORS - ; BUT the one who has been given a Residence Investor VISA is being punished -- I mean (1) He can not sponsor his wife --(2) He can not even get Visit Visa for his wife & kids -- this is really not a good decision taken by NRDs - at least till the validity of his visa - he should have the same rights of a resident Expat--What this gentleman will do with his holiday home in Dubai / Ajman without his family & a JOB.

Anonymous said...

It is so much strange to me the contradictory news on Aug.19 2008 for buyers of property in Ajman who will be granted one year visa even it was mentioned the price which is AED 1500 and the time which is one year.But now u say AJMAN FORBIDS ISSUANCE OF FREEHOLD VIZAS.Please be honest and dont play with people life.

Anonymous said...

Dear fellows, lets do the right thing! First of all, let the whole invester world know that there is no residence visa when people buy property in Ajman. This news must-must and must be published in worldwide local newspapers. All real estates agents or property developers who still selling apartments must be punished by UAE law as they are openly breaking it!!! Simply they are cheating with investers and misleading on them.

I got one freehold apartment in Naeemiya Towers, according to the deed i am entitle for three years residence visa which is renewable after every three years. Tell me now where the UAE law gone then??

Only you can trust on DUBAI government at the movement. At least this is the place where english or western culture exist.I strongly recomend investers to sell their properties in Ajman and reinvest in dubai somewhere even low budget projects are there anyway.

Does anyone knows about well know English law firm based in Dubai or in Abu dhabi so they can challenge Ajman immigration in the international court???????