Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tiger Properties launches the luxurious condominium Tiger Towers

Tiger Properties have announced the launch of its latest project, Tiger Towers at the core of Dubai Waterfront development.

The twin condominium towers, 170 and 185 meters in height, will be located at the Madinat Al Arab of the Dubai Waterfront development. The towers would cover a built-up area of 121,500 square meters and the buildings will be joined together by 3000 square meters of retail space at the street level and a four-storey podium building.

The towers will also share four levels of underground parking. The towers will the exclusive corner units that offer breath taking views while also maximizing daylight exposure. The towers have a wide array of amenities, including children's playroom, concierge services, club facilities, lounge for relaxing, a spa, exercise room and swimming pool. The club facilities also include roof-top restaurant at the 48th floor and landscaped areas on the ground level.

The CEO of Tiger Properties, Taha Mohammed, said "With Tiger Towers we will establish a new benchmark for buildings in the Waterfront district - one of the most successful urban neighborhoods of Dubai."

According to Tiger Properties, this high-rise project is an icon in the city, likely to be the most luxurious urban condominium building in Dubai.

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