Friday, August 01, 2008

Virtual Offices form the latest trend, as companies are unable meet high costs

virtual office in Dubai
Unable to manage high operating costs in Dubai, majority of the new companies are planning to begin operations in the free zones in UAE, such as Ajman Free Zone, Fujairah Free Zone, Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone and Hamriyah (Sharjah) free zone.

According to a study by Jitendra Business Consultants, one of the prominent consulting firms in UAE, the four Emirates are making efforts to attract companies through their innovative offerings such as Flexi-Desk, e-Office and Virtual Office.

The "Virtual Office" in Fujairah Free Zone, bears the address of an office, the telephone numbers, the meeting rooms, of an office, except the fact that the determining factor, you, are not actually present in the office.

For instance, the Ajman's Free Zone e-office center, includes amenities such as high speed internet, and table space. The e-office center includes exclusive business desk with interiors and amenities such as board rooms, meeting halls, restaurant and high-speed internet connectivity. Even the Sharjah (Hamriyah) Free Zone includes similar amenities.

The "Flexi-Desk" by RAK Free Trade Zone, is networked desk, which has been designed for single-person users such as self-employed businessmen or establishments. It offers a furnished semi-close office with an executive desk, chair and private email address, and an individual post box number.

The Managing Partner of JBC, Jitendra Gianchandani, said that the trend is on the rise, with new companies seeking economical options, as the emirates have realized that a huge business potential bridges the gap.

According to Gianchandani, Virtual Office is just right for investors who wish to operate a bank account with minimal resources, and just one or two visa requirement. With the e-office or virtual office, investors can open a bank account anywhere in UAE, and also import or export goods from any seaports or airports in UAE. In addition to this, annual audit is not compulsory and the presence of all shareholders is not necessary during incorporation, which further leads to cost savings.

Gianchandani revealed that his company has helped several companies to obtain Virtual Office, e-Office, and Flexi-Desk licenses till date.

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