Friday, August 22, 2008

Timelinks to unveil a new pyramid-shaped project at Cityscape Dubai

Ziggurat from Timelinks
Timelinks, the Dubai-based environmental design company, will launch a city of the future, during the upcoming Cityscape Dubai.

The event will be held between the 6th and 9th October at the Dubai International Exhibition Center.

The City, called Ziggurat project, will be shaped in the form of a futuristic pyramid, supporting the entire community, comprising a population of one million, by harnessing the power of nature.

The Managing Director of Timelinks, Ridas Matonis, agrees that Ziggurat communities can be 100 percent self-sufficient in terms of energy. Apart from utilizing the steam power, the building will also employ the wind turbine technology, to exploit natural energy resources.

The Pyramid tower which spreads across 2.3 square kilometer has several other advantages to its credit. The cities can be accommodated in complexes, which will take up only less than 10 percent of the original land space. The private and public landscaping can be used for leisure pursuits or can be irrigated as agricultural land.

"In case these projects were realized, the world will get to witness communities that are sustainable, environment-friendly and in sync with nature's surroundings. The concept will also give a better quality of life for inhabitants. Transportation within the complex will be carried out through an integrated 360 degree network, so that cars would be redundant," said Matonis.

Timelinks has already planned the design and technology to be incorporated into the project. A number of eminent professors from Europe will be available to explain the technicalities of the Ziggurat project works, and the manner in which these communities could be integrated into the master projects.

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