Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Giovanni Boutique Suites getting ready as scheduled at Dubai Sports City

The Giovanni Boutique Suites, located in Dubai Sports City, will be ready by April 2010, revealed Salya Developments, the developer of the project. Salya Developments are an international arm of the UK based Salya Corportation.

The Boutique Suites are an upmarket Italian property development, designed by the renowned Italian designer, Giovanni Batista Ravaganani, and has about 400 well-done suites.

The Dh.300mn Boutique Suites is the only fully furnished project by the developer. Located adjacent to lush green jogging tracks, which promotes health and fitness, it was sold within the first seven weeks of pre-launch.

The Managing Director of Salya, Dr. Rakesh Chandola, commented that Branded Boutique properties are usually highly priced due to the high associated costs.

He added that Salya is the only developer of Designer and Boutique properties in Dubai that are within easy reach of most investors and customers.

Salya Corporation had acquired the islands of "Brunei" and "Finaland" on 'The World' in April 2008. With this, the land bank, the investment value of Salya touched Dh.800mn. Salya will spend another Dh.2.4bn towards construction and development of the islands. The Mermaid Princess Boutique Resort (Island of Brunei), and The Finland World Resort (Island of Finland) are part of 15 projects that are now under pipeline in Salya's list.

The islands are now in their planning stages and the pre-launch is being planned in October 2008, with handover expected in another three years.

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