Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ferretti, ACI launches Ferretti and Pershing luxury waterfront residences

The Ferretti Group, together with ACI Real Estate has launched two luxury waterfront residences - Ferretti Luxury Beach Residence, and Pershing Luxury Beach Residence.

This freehold ownership project, named as 'Marine ', is worth about Dh.6bn, covering about 1,969,607 square feet of saleable area at the Waterfront.

The twin tower, with its landscaped gardens, set amidst canal and sea views, offers the latest in amenities such as pool, fitness center, sauna and Jacuzzi, with eight luxury yachts per brand for residents to charter at their preferred rates. These yachts will be purchased by the ACI Group.
The twin tower Ferretti Beach Residents will include 44 storeys each, while the Pershing Luxury Beach Residence will have 41 storeys, apart from individual retail units at the ground floor of each tower.

The project is slated for completion by 2011. Robin Lohmann, the Managing Director, ACI Real Estate, said that this deal has strengthened the vision of the company in bringing world-class luxury living to Dubai. The Ferreti Group has been a pioneer in luxury brand for decades now. ACI Real Estate seeks to blend Ferretti's expertise into realty projects of the company, and provide customers with best of both worlds.

The Ferreti Group is renowned globally for its high performance luxury yachts. This partnership with ACI is another instance of its effort to create a unique concept to add tangible and intangible value to its offerings.

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