Thursday, July 31, 2008

Investors prefer buying properties than renting them

An increasing tendency has been noticed among UAE residents to purchase properties rather than opt for rentals, as mounting rental prices are compelling them to seek an alternative housing accommodation, reveals Chris Dommet, the CEO of John Charcoal, Dubai, a leading independent mortgage advisor firm.

Dommett explains that a steady increase has been noticed in rental prices of UAE during the last few years, and purchasing a property seems to be an attractive option to expats who are seeking to build equity from the considerable financial investments that they are making back at their home countries.

Gone are the days when expatriates allowed their hard earned income to vanish in the form of rent. Now the Dubai's expat community is more aware about the local mortgage market and home lending services too, have become more accessible.

It has been considered that the most important financial advantage of purchasing a home is building equity. The option of going ahead for a fixed monthly payment on a long term is also considered a major incentive, with the rents in Dubai increasing year after year.

The large volume and variety of mortgage options in the market, and the low interest rates, have been appealing to a large number of expats, who are eager to tap the booming real estate industry in the region and also are looking forward to buy a property of their own.

Taking the price of the property, and its approximate return in consideration, majority of investors are finding the purchase option more economical, when compared to the rents they are paying.

But, despite the advantages, there are still several expatriates who are still willing to pay exorbitant rent rates, either due to lack of proper understanding of local real estate market, or due to slight hesitation in getting themselves involved in the property buying process of the supposedly daunting UAE market.

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