Sunday, July 20, 2008

DEC, Robodh Contracting in Dh4.5bn property development joint venture

Dheeraj East Coast (DEC) and Robodh Contracting have entered into a joint venture for development of a property portfolio worth Dh.4.5bn. This portfolio is likely to grow with new projects arriving at the market.

According to the MoU, Robodh Contracting LLC would remain the main contractors for the existing and future projects of DEC. Robodh would be responsible for construction of all projects in DEC, including co-ordinating with various subcontractors.

The Managing Director of DEC, Dheera Wadhwan, said that finding the appropriate main contractor is a vital decision in real estate development. Their joint venture with Robodh, apart from standardizing, also helps adhere to highest quality benchmarks, also helps in timely delivery of the projects. Also, through a long term relationship, the joint-venture is likely to reduce cost of construction, permitting better control over subcontractors.

The CEO of Robodh Contracting, P.H. Menon, said that the joint venture helps reflect the trust that developers have placed in the company, through its core competence of competitive and timely delivery with highest quality standards.

Deeraj East Coast has a total of 20 upcoming projects in Dubai, with a wide array of developments such as commercial and residential projects featuring global culture, mixed-use lifestyle, and combinations of modern and old world charm and business, projecting various stages of development.

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