Wednesday, June 25, 2008

World's first Turning Timepiece Building in Dubai

For the first time in the history of architecture, a structure in Dubai has been designed in a manner such that it moves in synch with earth, sun and time.

Turning Timepiece Building
Positioned on the 550 east longitude line, Dubai is more than just an exotic getaway, on the north-eastern coast of Arabian Peninsula. Although the residents and tourists in Dubai will have to face soaring temperatures, the new structure unveiled has brought about a new dimension to living, by bringing in some cool to Dubai.

The 3600 Time World TM has announced the world's first Turning Timepiece Building - 550 Time Dubai TM which is ready to break ground on 8th August 2008 in Dubai.

550 Time Dubai TM is an accurate 'Timepiece Building' that is powered by the sun and scientific imagination. It turns 360 degrees in 7 days, offering 3600 panoramic penthouse views to all apartments offering a new view of the city each day.

Being a winner of international CNBC award for the best 'high rise' architecturally designed building in 2007, the building will be the first of 24 Timepiece Buildings likely to be constructed around the world, with all turning in total synchronization, with unique rotation technology under license from 3600 Time World TM. Each of the individual Timepiece Buildings will be made by internationally renowned designers and architects, with latest eco-friendly technology.

The Director of 3600 Time World TM Tay Singh, said "Press conferences are being planned for New York, Delhi, Moscow and Hong Kong, to enable the architectural vision behind the Timepiece Buildings to be brought to the notice of the world. The approach will explain the manner in which buildings can harness the power of nature, making them iconic, architecturally unique and eco-friendly."

550 Time Dubai TM is approved by Dubai Government's RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority). The developer, along with Meraas Holdings Limited, a newly established leading entity in Dubai, are finalizing a joint venture agreement for the development of the 550 Time Dubai TM tower.

The development team plans to begin mobilization of the project by 8th August 2008, aiming to complete the structure by 10th October 2010, and the handing over of apartments by 11th November 2011.

3600 Time World TM plans to build 24 Turning Timepiece mixed use developments (residential and hotel), that are sustainable, eco-friendly and unique signature buildings in leading cities of the world. On completion, these buildings will operate with the power of nature, in sync with the hour, offering a 24 hour world time view in real time. These eco-friendly buildings are likely to be located and named by the natural mathematical longitudinal line of the planets.

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