Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dubai houses world's first revolving 'Dynamic Tower'

Revolving dynamic tower in Dubai
Dubai now houses the world's first revolving, pre-fabricated tower, worth $3billion, designed by the Italian Architect, David Fisher. The 'Dynamic Tower' comprising 80 storey will be 420 meters tall.

Located on Shaikh Zayed Road, the Dynamic Tower will spread across an area of 1.2million Square Feet. The tower is said to have a central core for lifts, and there are lifts particularly for cars, hence it is possible for residents to drive into their apartments.

The Dynamic Tower is a slender, rotating skyscraper, with its luxury apartments being energy-self-sufficient. The tower offers endless design possibilities, with each floor rotating independently so as to form a building that constantly changes shape, and results in a unique, ever-evolving structure. Each rotating floor will have horizontal wind turbines, so that the towers can generate sufficient energy to power the other five towers of same size.

The tower will be pre-fabricated with parts made in Italy, and the time will be considerably reduced.

Fisher says "It takes only six days for completion of one floor, as against six weeks taken to complete a floor of traditional building."

It has been estimated that it will take about 20 months for completing the Dynamic Tower. It is said that a similar tower is also being planned at Moscow, followed by New York.


ShopDubai said...

That's Cool but, rent still expensive.. i dont know what will happen next year.

Houses in Dubai said...

Dubai houses and property rates are still very high, while its economy is decreasing day by day. According to business time Abu Dhabi state is trying to control rent for tourists and give them especial allowances for them.