Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Worldwide Property Show on May 22-24 at Grand Hyatt Dubai

With recent local property shows attracting record crowds, the UAE is becoming the place to be for foreign developers to sell their projects.

Cityscape Abu Dhabi which closed last week is just one example of why the world's battered real estate industry is putting the Gulf States and in particular the United Arab Emirates high on their sales and marketing agendas.

With the subprime crisis taking its toll across the States, and the knock on effect also hitting Europe, builders and agents are desperately looking for new territories to shift their residential and commercial property stock.

Dubai based organiser Mike Bridge from Dubai Shows Ltd said, "In the past 15 years, since we have been running our Worldwide Property Shows, we have never had some many agents and developers from such a wide area abroad requesting to participate. This week's show has in fact broken all records for us, with over 85 exhibitors representing 34 countries taking part, many travelling across the globe to market their projects to buyers here in Dubai."

With home owners across the States would be lucky if even one buyer walks up their garden path just to view, exhibitors in Abu Dhabi last week were actually having to employ security guards just to hold back eager buyers and investors all pushing to grab a piece of the latest tower block in the capital. Even the UAE government asked the organisers to extend the show by a day, to allow buyers the time to put down their deposits!

Bridge added, "This weeks Worldwide Property Show has a large number of US exhibitors taking part. One agent from Orlando told us that where in the past buyers were paying top dollar for his villas, developers are now offering the same homes at knock down prices and will include all the furnishings plus the pool as well. He added that due to the weak dollar this region has actually seen an increase in rental income as Europeans in particular flock to the theme parks. Mickey he told us is it seems...subprime proof!"

"Many UAE based residents who have made a reasonable returns on their property portfolios here, are prepared to spread their buying power, and are now able to pick up some exceptional deals overseas, while remaining active in the local market as well," said Bridge.

The Worldwide Property Shows are being held on May 22nd-24th at the Grand Hyatt Dubai and on May 28th-31st at the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre.

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