Saturday, April 26, 2008

MAG 214 apartments at Jumeirah Lakes handed over to residents

Mag 214 at Jumeirah Lakes
The Dubai-based real estate firm, MAG Group Property Development, has handed over the keys to residents of 306 apartments and penthouses at the MAG 214 building at Jumeirah Lakes Tower development on the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

MAG 214 is one of the several competitively budgeted buildings developed by the company to cater to the mid-range market, which is quite appealing to Dubai’s middle income families.

The 40 storey high-rise building tower with a structural height of 155mts, was completed in 2007, and comprises 312 apartments. Situated above Jumeirah Lakes, MAG 214 offers the lending edge of contemporary design to one of the most sought after residential developments in Dubai.

Each single, double and triple bedroom and penthouse apartment in the building is designed in a unique manner, allowing the resident's choice of living space to reflect their individual style. All apartments including the duplexes and penthouses are fitted with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows. The landscaped gardens in the building include a swimming pool and children's pool.

The CEO of Mag Group Property Development, Mohammed Nimer, said "We excel in designing, finishing and customer satisfaction, and focus on delivering our promises."

Jumeirah Lakes Towers is a dynamic waterfront development with residential and office towers, apart from leisure, hotels and retail outlets.


Anonymous said...

It is funny how the MAG 214 CEO actually has the audacity to state that the company 'excels in customer satisfaction' and 'focus on delivering our promises'.

Let's look at the facts for MAG 214 from my perspective as a VERY unsatisfied customer:

1. The tower was meant to be delivered - as per my contract - on March 2007. Perhaps a delay of 13 months isn't much in Dubai now a days... ?

2. The excuse that kept on surfacing everytime I asked was 'DEWA did this, DEWA didn't do that'. DEWA, all of a sudden, became the coat hanger on which all the incompetence was hung

3. Through contacts in the market I actually discovered that MAG had ongoing disputes with the main contractor - which at one point stopped all work on site and undoubtedly caused at leas some of the delays. This was strongly denied by MAG - very hilarious!

4. Loan interest accrued on mortgages that were taken out by poor souls like myself to finance this very bad investment decision were born by those same poor souls. I tried to negotiate a middle ground where MAG could help with the accrued interest expenses, but of course was 'nicely' but firmly turned away.

5. When it was time to take delivery of the apartment, my mortgage provided - AMLAK - would not release funds to MAG because they TOO had a legal dispute with MAG (notice a trend here!?). I had to fight tooth and nail and actually get to the highest level in AMLAK to have the final payments made and take posession of the prized key I was waiting for.

6. And on the quality of the 'prized' apartment, here is a short list of key 'snags':
a. The 'standard' sized space for the stove/oven wasn't actually standard !!! They had to CUT counter tops and shave off cabinet sides to fit our stove!?! Funny enough, neither did the space for the dish washer - again, not so standard!
b. The door to one of the bathrooms wasn't actually 'standard' either - it didn't close!! (see another pattern here)

Bottom line: I would really like real estate developers in general, including MAG, to try and acknowledge their shortcomings and project some sincerity in their marketing claims

Anonymous said...

MAG 214 is a sub-standard quality developed that was delayed by over 14 months due to unexplained circumstances involving legal disputes with the main contractor and with the main mortgage provider (AMLAK). Hardly what I would call " excel(ing) in designing, finishing and customer satisfaction, and focus on delivering our promises."!!!

Take it from a very disappointed owner of a unit in 214 who had to face : 1) a bathroom door that wasn't sized properly, therefore didn't fit, 2) a stove space that was designed 2 cm too short, therefore requiring the counter top to be cut and the cabinet walls to be shaved to fit my stove, 3) a similar fiasco with the 'standard' space for dishwasher.

So that the reader is informed.

Best of luck!

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