Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dubai realty remains unabated despite fluctuations in other sectors

The growth of real estate sector in Dubai remains protected from all other fluctuations currently happening in oil prices, whether short or medium term, and in fact, the higher oil prices will only stimulate the fast-paced growth.

The value of few of the realty projects in GCC, Iraq and Iran have crossed $750bn, and about 33% of this belongs to the UAE, particularly, Dubai. The figure is higher than the combined GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the same region, which totals to less than $700bn.

Experts predict that this trend will continue, despite the fact that oil prices are likely to drop during the short and medium terms.

A strong point to be noted in the growth of Dubai is that it has been consistently defying all predictions by Analysts. Over the past five years, most experts predicted that the realty market in Dubai will begin to show a downward trend, and that it is a "bubble waiting to be burst".
Although it is agreed that such growth has never been sustainable for long, none is able to explain why the market continues to thrive in Dubai.

GCC has the 17th largest economy in the world, with 500,000 high-income earners and a GDP of $525 billion. The total half trillion dollar economy creates more than $500 billion in revenue, which is being used for investment. The volume is believed to boost the real estate and construction sector in Dubai.

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