Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ajman property prices likely to soar by 30%

The boom witnessed in Ajman property market is primarily due to the economic growth and also due to the development taking place in its neighboring emirates Dubai and Sharjah.

Ajman has several reasonably priced residential projects that cater to the mid0-income groups. In fact, Ajman has the maximum number of medium-level developments, as majority of these are developed by players who are unable to bear the high construction cost of Dubai. To add to this, the new Escrow/Trust Account Law has brought out more stringent rules in Dubai, thereby decreasing the number of new medium-level developments there.

Analysts reveal that the price and rental structure of residential properties in Ajman are extremely moderate. Majority of developers offer affordable payment packages agreeable to mid-income standards. For instance, the price of a single bedroom apartment in Ajman’s Emirates City, is equivalent to that of a studio in Dubai. This has motivated several mid-income category buyers to re-assess their investment patterns.

In Ajman, the prices the average prices for a studio is US$600 per sqm and for a single bedroom apartment, it is US4480 per sqm.

Studies reveal that rates for residential properties in Ajman have surged by 30% in 2007. The demand for smaller units such as studios, single bedroom apartments too are surging, due to influx of expatriates from emirates of Dubai and Sharjah. They find Ajman to be a good residential and investment proposition due to its excellent connectivity to other emirates.
A similar growth rate in Ajman's property prices has been predicted by analysts for the year 2008-09 too.

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