Saturday, March 08, 2008

Prices of Abu Dhabi homes likely to shoot-up by 20 percent

The price of homes in Abu Dhabi is likely to shoot-up by at least 20 percent in the current year, states a report from Sorouh Real Estate.

The report indicated that demand surpasses supply, and negative real interest rates are contributing to more investments. The Europeans are investing in the UAE, with an intention to make better use of their Euros, while the dollar is declining, taking the UAE dirham with it.

The five-fold increases in oil prices during the past six years have boost Abu Dhabi's economy and the low interest rates have led to more investments in real estate.

The Chief Property Development Officer of Sorouh, Gurjit Singh, said "We easily notice a growth of 20 percent this year. We are seeing the growth phase and it is still very early on the clock."

He said that the average prices for residential sectors range between Dh.1300 and Dh.1700 per square foot. The numbers of Europeans investing in Abu Dhabi residential sector falls between 8 and 12 percent, and the numbers are on the rise due to the strength of Euro and the Pound.

Sorouh is also developing realty projects worth Dh.40bn, Singh revealed.

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Thats a good news ha, now the rent will go more up