Friday, March 14, 2008

Nakheel's Waterfront City masterplan unveiled

Nakheel has unveiled the masterplan for Waterfront City, which forms the highlight of the world's largest urban development project, the Dubai Waterfront.

Comprising a central island, surrounded by four other districts - the Resort, Madinat Al Soor, the Boulevard and the Marina, the Waterfront City will house a residential population of 92,000 and working population of 310,000 people. Spreading across 330 hectares of land, along the western coast of Dubai, the Waterfront Development will house approximately 1.5mn people.

The Waterfront City will house 144 high-rise towers that stretch more than 100 meters in height, and 45 percent of the area will be covered by residential sector, 33 percent will be allocated as office space, 11 percent for hotels, 6 percent for retail, and 5 percent for civic and culture, revealed Frank Konings, the Nakheel Project Director for Waterfront City.

The Central Island district forms the defining element in the design of the Waterfront City. It is a grid of five streets by five streets, leaving walkable distance between blocks, easing out the traffic flow within the city.

Maximum shading and climate control in the city can be obtained by building higher masses on the south side and making efficient use of wind flow for cooling. Each city block will have a line-up of arcades and trees.

The Managing Director of Nakheel, Matt Joyce, said "Waterfront City forms the centerpiece of the Waterfront development and the masterplan is so-designed that it caters not only to businesses, but to residents and visitors of Dubai, alike. Each of the five districts that make up the Waterfront City, has its own individuality and is vital for promotion of a diverse and unified city. It will have a density similar to that in Manhattan, and hence, the retail, culture, commerce and private accommodation will be overlapped to form a compact city center."

The company is yet to give away contracts for initial works. Even the sales are yet to begin. However, the infrastructure works are expected to commence during early June, and the entire city is expected to be ready by the year 2018.

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