Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nakheel's final Shoreline Apartments at Jumeirah released

Shoreline Apartments
Nakheel has announced the release of the final Shoreline Apartments, which could be the final opportunity to invest at The Palm Jumeirah.

The apartments, which are located at the trunk of The Palm Jumeirah, are easily accessible to private beachfront clubhouses and are inclusive of amenities such as retail outlets, world-class fitness centers, swimming pools, direct access to white sandy beaches of the island.

The Trunk is connected by an innovative monorail system and houses numerous shopping destinations, hotels and cafes. The area is the core of activity with the entire 2500 Shoreline apartments already handed over. More than 1500 apartments have already been occupied by residents.

The five private beachfront clubhouses will be unveiled over the coming weeks.
The Director of Sales, Manal shaheen said, "This year will be a huge change for 'The Palm Jumeirah'. More than 2000 families are now residing on the island and more amenities are opening up at the development and it is no longer a concept."

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