Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ajman top foreign investments in UAE

Ajman Marina
Ajman has overshadowed UAE emirates when it comes to drawing foreign investments to UAE, reveal statistics.

According to the latest statistics by the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, foreigners in Ajman own 33 percent of development projects in the booming city, as against 11 percent in other emirates.

Ajman's annual investment growth rate has been estimated at 6.7 percent on an average by the economic analysts. This economic success has been attributed to the all-encompassing plan adopted by the government there.

The Ajman Marina project General Manager, Azad Nouri, says "The rapid economic growth witnessed by Ajman is the result of distinguished services and incentives that the government provides to draw foreign investments."

Ajman is second to Dubai in adopting a free-hold status, which is an excellent law to draw in huge numbers of investors from both local and international markets. Hence numerous investors have been arriving at the emirate to launch their major projects, as they also get to avail the incentives facilitating issuance of licenses, statistics of interest to developers and businessmen and feasibility studies, he added.

Morever, the investments in Ajman enjoy complete legal and legislative protection, with constantly updated laws that benefit investors. These laws foretell a good future for Ajman, where there are various kinds of investment projects, particularly that of Ajman Marina, which will have a positive influence on the real estate and tourism market.

Ajman Marina will witness the transformation of the emirate into an impressive commercial and residential seaside haven. The project gives the emirate a competitive edge and is likely to create an attractive residential and commercial environment.

The Ajman Marina, with its waterfront lifestyle, spreading across a space of 240,000 square meters, is a luxurious retreat, comprising residential, commercial buildings, five star restaurant, international food chains, sea-view cafes, signature yacht club and extensive shopping mall, apart from various entertainment and leisure amenities.

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