Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rents for commercial properties in Dubai continue to soar

As per reports, Dubai continued to witness huge demand for office space last year, with the emirate reflecting one of the highest global rental yields for commercial premises, ranging 17 to 18 percent.

Asteco, in its quarterly market research, reported that there was a huge increase in capital values, particularly, in locations where the new buildings were nearing completion.

The rents for office space grew by five percent on an average in comparison to the last quarter. The highest rent rates were noticed in Oud Metha and Sheikh Zayed Road, with 6 and 12 percent respectively, as per the fourth quarter report of Asteco.

When compared to the rates during the corresponding period in 2006, the office rents in Dubai last year saw a considerable increase of 44 percent, and the occupancy rates continued to touch 97 to 99 percent, the report revealed.

The Director at the Research Valuation and Consultancy at Asteco, John Allen, says "The increase in prices indicate the fact that the commercial sector of Dubai does not have a liquid secondary market at present. The limited delivery of new office premises over the last couple of years has brought about an undersupply in the market, resulting in strong surge in office rents and sales prices."

Asteco anticipates that the commercial units would witness another surge in prices, as the buildings near completion next year. However, according to Asteco, a shortfall in supply of of nearly 18million square feet of office space would be experienced next year due to delay in construction.

"We expect that landlords would get more competitive with increase in supply. More high quality finishes that are being offered, will be tailor-made to suit the requirement of tenants, and most important, the rents will stabilize reflecting true market values," Allen said.

A new factor that will have a major impact in the commercial property market during this year, will be, the implementation of the new 'green rules', which would become effective this year.

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