Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Land reclamation in Waterfront Island 30% complete

Master Developer Nakheel says it has reclaimed 30 percent of the 400 hectare island, out of the world's most ambitious urban development project, 'Waterfront'. With an area of 1.4billion square feet, that is twice the size of Hong Kong Island and bigger than Beirut and Manhattan, Waterfront, constitutes 65 percent of current land-bank of Nakheel.

Dubai Waterfront Project from Nakheel
Managing Director, Matt Joyce, said "Being twice the size of Hong Kong Island, it is 13 kilometers by 7.5 kilometers in size, and a monumental project. It is an entirely new city, master-planned from scratch on a blank canvas."

Waterfront has the capacity to house 1.5million people, creating about one million jobs on its completion. The first five phases of the project are complete with hard labour put in by 20000 odd workers and 3000 construction vehicles. Waterfront, on completion will have 250 individual communities.

The amount of land being reclaimed per month is about 3.52million cubic meters, which is sufficient to fill-up Wembley Stadium thrice. Infrastructure and civil works has already begun on the first phase (Madinat Al Arab), while the work on the Palm Cove Canal, stretching 8kms, running parallel to the coast is 65% complete.

With the work on Burj Dubai, the world's tallest building, nearing completion, Waterfront on the other end, is already planning to build one such tallest building in the world, Al Burj, in downtown Madinat Al Arab.

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