Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dubai's Falcon City on its way to create records

Dubai's Falconcity is on its way to create records, as few of its attractions are bound to be bigger than the original landmarks.

Falcon city Dubai
With the total project value worth Dh.7.5million and being shaped like a Falcon, the project incorporates not only residential units, hotels and theme park, but also imitation of world-famous landmarks, which include Pyramids of Giza, Eiffel Tower, Venice, Hanging Gardens of Babylong, Taj Mahal, and leaning Tower of Pisa.

The Eiffel Tower will be 20 meters taller than that of original in Paris. The largest pyramid will be 40 storeys and 150 meters in height, which is slightly taller than Khufu, the largest of three pyramids in Egypt.

The Chairman of Falconcity, Salem Al Moosa, said "The Great Wall of China will stretch 1.7kms approximately, but, this figure could change based on developments within the theme park. The wall will be higher than a three-storey building, but, on completion, it will be more than quadruple the length of an Olympic running track. The theme park will stretch over an area of 4 million square feet."
Falcon city pyramid

Al Moosa says that there will be two museums within the smallest pyramid, which "honour the great civilizations of the world. The Theme park will be one of its kind, and with our own movies and characters, we too can have a great civilization. In March, something, further big could be expected."

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Anonymous said...

I think this is a phantom project. Who has seen the site? When is the release date? Where they get water, electricity, etc from ?

If anyone has insight, please do share.