Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Al Fara'a launches Mulberry Mansions

Al Fara'a Properties launched their new project, Dh.95mn worth, Mulberry Mansions, yesterday. This forms a part of their Dh.6.5billion worth projects planned for the current year.

The residential development, comprising 23 luxurious town homes, marks the third project of Al Fara'a in Jumeirah Village, following the launch of Manhattan Luxury Apartments and Le Grand Chateau.

Mulberry Mansions
The two-storey townhouses built in Victorian-style will comprise four bedrooms, a terrace, a balcony, maid's room with separate access, a private two-car garage and a small private garden. Few selected townhouses that are positioned at the far end of each row of the plot will have access to private swimming pools within side gardens. The spacious interiors incorporate custom-built walk-in closets, fully equipped kitchens, well-planned master bedrooms with distinct lighting designs, adding to the luxury. All units are well-planned to catch a view of the skylight and boulevard, ensuring natural brightness and ventilation.

The Director of Al Fara'a properties, Natasha Gangaramani said "Through the launch of our third project we are on-track to exceed our Dh.2.5bn investment plans that was outlined for 2008. We now hope to invest Dh.6.5bn this year, and expect to atleast equal our records set by previous projects in terms of customer sales and appreciation."

Mulberry Mansions will be complete towards the third quarter of 2009.

Al Fara'a Properties have met considerable success in their projects launched last year, thereby, re-defining the benchmark of excellence, in the booming realty sector of UAE.

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Jack said...

Why is the development called "Mulberry Mansions" if the buildings are town houses?