Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nakheel announces Dubai Promenade, the latest waterfront community

The Dubai PromenadeThe Dubai Promenade, the latest sophisticated waterfront community, announced by Nakheel, comprising 60 berths and own marina, is expected to create a virtual peninsula along the Dubai shoreline, along with a magnificent five star wheel shaped hotel.

Encompassed by a marina, a natural beach and the sea, the Dubai Promenade will offer panoramic views and idyllic walkways, with its carefully considered architecture, which will create a different residential and commercial environment.

The project spreads over 25000 square meters of retail space, and about 17000 square meters of office space, with 2000 residential units accommodating nearly 10,000 residents.

Positioned between the Dubai Marina and the seafront, adjacent to Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC), the Dubai Promenade offers breathtaking views of The Palm Jumeirah, the Arabian Gulf and the coast towards the Jebel Ali Port.

The development emphasizes on open space, waterfront lifestyle, with expansive promenade opening up the seafront to visitors and residents. The entire waterfront will offer a selection of commercial and residential towers, restaurants, cafes and retail space.

The Senior General Manager, Dubai Promenade, Ali Bin Damithan, commented that the Dubai Promenade will now further enhance the international profile of the emirate, through its wheel-shaped hotel, which would be the centerpiece of attraction, as the unmatched structure and shape of the hotel will be so magnificent that no other skyline in the world offers something like it.

The construction of the development is due to begin during mid-2008.

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