Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ajman's infrastructure projects crosses Dh.1.38bn mark

It has been reported that the value of infrastructure projects in Ajman has touched Dh.1.38billion.

Ajman MarinaDuring the previous year, Ajman allocated Dh.500mn towards infrastructure, with Dh.45mn for roads and intersections, Dh.85mn for two bridges, Dh.14mn for other roads, their maintenance and renovation, all totaling up to Dh.165mn in value.

Apart from these, the emirate has invested Dh.580mn in projects like construction of bridges, lights, roads and development of government complexes. Among the infrastructure projects, the Dh.800mn sewerage system is a major infrastructure project in the emirate.

The Ajman Marina, worth $2bn, developed by Tanmiyat, is likely to transform Ajman into a popular destination for tourism, business and residence. The mixed-use project will provide residential accommodation for nearly 21,000 residents, and will include commercial and entertainment areas that spread over three million square feet. The project, which is open to all nationalities on a freehold basis, is expected to be complete by 2015.

Apart from the exclusive features that Ajman Marina has to offer, such as the yacht club, residential towers with view of marina and shores, restaurants, entertainment amenities, shopping mall, offices and hotels, the free zone state of the emirate is an easy access to commercial locations.

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